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Hello, my name is Michael Hughes. I currently reside in the Salt Lake City area and enjoy various hobbies ranging from home brewing to skiing. Although, having recently purchased a house, pursuits like furniture finishing, painting, and plumbing have become interesting to me as well (not necessarily by choice).

My primary work experience is in API design, AWS application deployments, implementing Java and NodeJS based web services, and, now, near-real-time event processing. I have also worked on ASP.Net web applications and frontend code using frameworks like AngularJS and Knockout. For work inquiries please reach out to me on LinkedIn (below) or contact me via email.

Coding in the trenches is a place where I generally write about technically related subjects; some times posts here are tips on specific technologies, other times posts here are longer winded pieces with general commentary on technology. Hopefully, at the very least, the blog is useful and sometimes entertaining.

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